Monday, December 3, 2012

yarn works.

It happens to me every year as soon as the air gets crisp and the leaves are just about gone.
I get a craving for yarn.
You already saw the puppy cowls  I started out the craving with here.
And I can not resist the urge to make at least one more thing...
Unfortunately, I have many things on my list
But I am really loving these hoods.
The Hubs has requested a really rad one and I have just placed
the yarn in my basket to make myself a wolf one.
SO They are a win!!
I see many different variations in my future....
The first one I made is for my handsome nephew ALDEN for Christmas
(don't worry he doesn't read my blog ;) I don't think his Dad, my brother does either!)
He LOVES Star Wars:

EWOK hood 
(Modeled by the Bean):

Polar Bear hood for my CLOVER:


Tomorrow, I can finally post what I made my husband for his Birthday.
It is a yarn work of the silliest kind ;)

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