Tuesday, December 4, 2012

breaking bad?

*disclaimer: I do not encourage or endorse the making of or using of meth. Even if it is the pure blue stuff, and even if it might be possible to look really really cute in a yellow jumpsuit. 
These photos are intended to be a funny spoof of a show that my husband and I enjoy watching snuggled up on the couch together. Because it's good TV.
I made this silly doll last month as a birthday gift for my husband who I knew would sincerely enjoy the absurdity of it....But, the entire time I was making it, the girls were asking,
 "so, you are making dad a.....doll? 
Regular dude. Life disappointing him. Finds out he has cancer.
So what's a talented Chemist turned High School Science teacher to do?
Make Crystal Meth of course...
not just your run of the mill meth. The best Meth, purest BLUE meth around. 
The first couple seasons I actually kind of related to him...not the meth making part.
But the part that he is thrown into this drug world and he is just a regular guy.
He faired far better than I would have.
He was just trying to help his family.
He was going to die anyway. right?
It kind of went to his head a little.
In this last season, I didn't like him as much.
I could no longer relate.
But it was still always surprising.
I like a show I can not predict what will happen next.
If you watch the show, you know all about it.
If you don't, you might not understand.
But this little crochet project was a really fun one...

and my guy liked his gift too which was the whole point ;)
note to self: next time you are making a super secret handmade project. Give yourself more time. 
I swear, every time I would start to work on the finishing touches...
 (the touches that would clue him into what I was making, Walter White)
he was there!! SO, lets just say that last night I stayed up after everyone went to bed!
Are you Breaking Bad?

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