Friday, December 7, 2012

the stockings were hung....with care.

what a whirwind week!
I made a promise to my kiddos that this year, I would not be busy making items in the shop.
This year, as soon as December rolled around, I was done. Focused on us.
(I think those little ones for her fur babies up there are my favorites ;)
I somewhat broke that promise, only because this week I made 25 stockings for some lovely families.
You see, last year, I made a special set of stockings for one of my favorite girls.
When I woke up Thursday morning I had countless emails about these stockings and was somewhat confused until I saw this sweet post.
Overwhelmed with the outpouring, I agreed to list a limited amount of stockings to make custom.
My goal? get them all out the door before Friday rolled around.

SO, yesterday. I shipped out the last 2 packages and took a big breath of relief.
The little extra $$ is helping to make my Christmas a little less stressful too.
Because, for the first time like EVER, I am barely a week into December, and I am done Christmas shopping  for one of my kiddos and pretty darn close with the other two.
Yay! no last minute worry about getting it all done.
Today I have dragged out our own stockings to hang by the chimney with care.
I get smile to smile at them for the rest of the month!!

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