Monday, November 12, 2012

I've gone to the dogs...

I guess it's obvious that my new baby boy has taken over my life in more ways than one.
BUT, part of the fun of having a new baby is all the fun stuff you get to spoil them with right!?


This new pup is so funny because he is always wanting to snuggle and looking for a blanket.
After making the Bean a cowl she requested a funny idea occurred to me, and I decided to put it on him to see what would happen.
You know what? he loved it!
BONUS, it is really warm for our walks outside while making his neck look oh so stylish, and staying completely out of his way.
The boy also loves SQUEAKY toys.
SO well, you know, I had to make him a couple. (All of the ones I had gotten at the pet store had a measly little squeaker inside.)
SO I searched around to see if I could get the biggest of squeakers and ordered a whole bag full of them!
What's a girl to do with a entire bag of KONG SQUEAKERS!?
Make a stack of happy SQUEAKER PALS!!
Last month was so, so busy with orders and I haven't "PLAYED" for a while.
One entire day this weekend I gave myself permission to JUST PLAY. It was AWESOME, but one thing was clear. I've gone to the dogs!!
And, look what happened.
This happy girl has a stack of silly stuff to prove it.
The best part!?
I have discovered that a WHOLELOTTA you guys Love your fur babies just as much as I do.
I have never had such a big response!!
These squeaky toys are equally fun for the human babies in your life as well. In fact, I discovered they really like their big happy faces and surprise SQUEAK!

SO check out the new Line "PUPPYLOVE" and let me know what you think!
AM I crazy?

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