Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the Day I got asked to the Emmy's: part 1

The day I actually got asked to the Emmy's was Thursday afternoon.
We had just dropped the kids off for our anniversary weekend to play and stopped for a bite to eat.
Out of habit, when I am away from my kids,
I glanced at my phone to make sure no one had tried to call me.
I had gotten an email, and scanned it quickly.
I don't think I even read it all the way through.
"oh my god" I said, and put my hand up to my mouth to cover up what I had just uttered.
I felt bad that I was even reading an email when we were free like this.
He looked at me worried.
I handed the hubs my phone and
I could barely say these five words:
"it can't be real...........right?"
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