Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The day I got asked to the Emmys: part 2

So, in the last post I let you know we were sort of non-believers in this invitation.
I mean, how random is that!? No way right!? 
The even thought of it had NEVER entered my mind.
Plus, it said the Daytime Emmys were in about a week {the following Saturday}..
That's kind of short notice.
We decided to go on with our day. 
Go play.
We agreed that night we would do some research and check this person out.
It was an awesome day.
So that night each of us on a computer of some sort started looking into it.
The more we found, the more we realized this was not a fake email.
This was real. 
"email her back," he told me. "be yourself."
So I, in true aubrey fashion, was completely my dorkyamazeball self,
and emailed her back. 
This was Thursday night. 
Friday nothing.
And by Saturday afternoon I still had heard nothing back.
I had decided that It was probably a mistake. 
I decided that she wasn't going to email me back.
I decided that it was okay.
And then, in the middle of a LOUD and crowded international market 
with vendors yelling across the room in different languages, 
I looked down to see my phone flashing.
Not only did she want items from my shop.
She wanted me there to hand them out myself.....
I am pretty sure I lost all color in my face and stopped breathing.
More "details" were on their way.
Things were about to get CRAZYTOWN.


  1. get. OUT! THAT is incredible!?!?! I can't wait to hear the rest!!

  2. That's amazing! How did they hear about your awesomeness?


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