Monday, June 18, 2012

18 years and a whirl wind weekend.

that's a long time.
{this is what we did without kids. play in the photo booth at the movie theater}
18 years ago I was still a teen and said my "i do's" with complete certainty.
I had no doubt in my mind I had made the right choice.
Marriage is like a crazy roller coaster that you hope to never get off of.
Meaning it's such a ride, that you wouldn't ever want to,
even if there are parts of it that make you want to throw up.

We had an amazing weekend away from the kids and had the chance to just play.
It was awesome to do that.
The last few hours away I became completely distracted...
I had gotten. Well, aubreyplays had gotten, an invitation on Thursday that I didn't really believe.
By Saturday I was full in it, and it sort of made me want to throw up.
Um, so yeah, aubreyplays was invited to this years Daytime Emmy Awards.
To fly to LA. to give it's producers and stars some aubreyplays goodness.
THISISCRAZYTOWN.  Could I actually pull that sort of thing off in less than 5 days?
The question that killed me.
Do I want to?
to be continued.........


  1. CONGRATSSSSSSSSS! So amazing!! Do tell more! ;)

  2. Wow!!!! Can't wait for this to be continued! Congrats!

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    I just emailed you. :)

  4. is this what the phone call is about?? #AMAZING. yeeeeep!!

  5. Omg first! Happy anniversary from one teen bride 17 years) to another! I always think of that shania twain song "looks like we made it" HOLY MOLY! LA?!?!? You are such a rockstar and I am so proud of you!!!!! CANNOT wait to hear the deets! And you decision!


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