Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PLAY by your own rules.

Okay, so for the next few minutes I want you to put down that bag of shoulds.
inspiration for a new "bag of shoulds"  EEEK! and the fabric?? It's hand drawn fabric by me!!
You might hear my jumping jacks when that box of fabric arrives on my door step! 

Lately I have been on a major upswing. 
Maybe it’s the grey hairs that are popping out. Or maybe it’s something to do with my age. 
I am so mature. 
The laughter coming out of me right now proves I don’t really believe that.  
And I often wonder why I ever thought I should be the one in charge. 
But I guess what I mean is maybe it’s the years I have logged. 
And as I type this I am betting it has nothing to do with any of that and it is the excersize…. 
Random thought to you, but aha moment for me. So here we go:
Have you ever noticed that SOMETIMES when you take charge of the simplest of things that are bothering you in life-
(like replacing that cardboard box with a REAL cute trash can)
That somehow you feel stronger? More in charge?
YES, that’s what it is I guess.
The cool thing about that empowerment is, if you listen to it and let it linger, it lets you empower yourself to not let the little things bother you so much.  
It lets you decide that you don’t always have to follow “the rules”

I mean, who says you can’t wear white after labor day and you can only work out in the morning and you can’t eat peanut butter after midnight
(well, maybe I am the one who says the last one, um hiccups?)

But Why SHOULD you have to follow someone else’s path, rules, way of thinking? BORE-ING.

Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it to? I mean, what an absurd thing to say.  
If there is a cake worth eating in front of me I’m going to at least take a bite.

At this point, if you’re still here after all that mumbo jumbo you may be wondering where I am going with this.
And I am going to tell you the truth right now.
I don’t know. 
But I do know that with these recent feelings of empowerment comes an amazing friend back into my life.
AND she (me) reminds me that I don't have to play by all the rules. 
I am tired of questioning my own train of thought.

My kid will be just as smart as yours if I do not put her in preschool.
I’m actually betting on smarter.

I don’t feel like I always need to explain myself.
I always wear white after labor day.

AND I am going to play by my own rules in this blog land.
Yeah, Now I know-
this is where this post was heading all along.
I have felt up until recently that my blog was silly and not really good enough for those "BIG TIME" bloggers. I actually never even really told people about it.
I had all these shoulds in my head. But they were "rules" from these other bloggers. Not mine.
If I told you the truth right now of my analogy of my recent experience in blog land I might be misunderstood and I’d probably offend.
SO I will leave it at this. 
Lately I feel pestered by some of the blogs I had been following.  
The “do you want to sponsor me??”
The giveaways that just seem like a political campaign AND for the blogger not the giver.
The feeling like they just always want something from me.  
Um, No.  
That is not why I was reading them. That is not why I am doing this.
I decided to clean house this weekend. Some of you bloggers just didn’t make the cut. Sorry.
Blog for you. Blog to show me you. Not who you think I want to see.
Blog from your heart. Blog for a purpose other than being the prom queen.
AND Blog by your own rules. 

I was never that popular blogger in highschool. But I was REAL, and that is enough for me.

I hope that you decide to change something little,
a small simple thing that’s been bugging you in your life.
DO it this week. 
I hope that after that, you feel a little tingle of empowerment.
I hope that then you feel like you can play by your own rules.
I hope it makes you feel like your path is just as nice as theirs.
And lets the real you shine.

and ps. for any of you who have been around for the haul.
I mean it.

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  1. Yes, yes, YES. Thank you for so accurately saying what I've been feeling for a while. I like what you did with being friends and exchanging buttons because I like to think we are all friends around here.

    Has anyone told you lately that you rock? Because you do.


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