Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the {awesome} trash can

Let me start this post with a total disclaimer:
I aubrey may or may not be the ONLY one totally excited about this trash can.
I aubrey may or may not have given my little posse yet another excuse to call me a dork.
But I am totally excited about it anyway.

Okay so the story of this trash can all began when I set out on a quest recently to give my studio a little more credit.
To admit that it has earned it's right to be a true studio.
To organize it to be a happy and more organized work apace.
To stop making it feel like it's just visiting my dining room.
As with many of my recent journeys I go to pinning and have a board I call "for the studio please ;)"
Last week I found this.
I read her whole post. Brilliant.

Let me show you what until now, I have been using.
that, my friends is a sad state of affairs.
My poor studio.
SO can you imagine the little happy steps I took as I marched out of Lowes carrying this!???
I was so excited I should be embarrassed.
But I am not.
And no one in my house understood.
Well, maybe my son did a little since he takes out the kitchen trash.
He said he thought that a trash can like this in the kitchen would mean he could take the trash out less.
Yes. He's a smart one.
It was a windy day and I got paint in my hair.
But paint in my hair makes my soul happy.
Seriously. I had no idea that painting a trash can would make me so very happy.
1. it is deliciously retro feeling.
2. it is a giant bin to throw my scraps in.
3. I get to make a very pretty "trash scrunchy" for it
4. It happily reminds me of Oscar the grouch. I sort of love his brutal honesty.
5. Did I mention I am getting a really pretty trash can out of the deal?

Isn't she beautiful!?
I used regular cotton fabric for the "trash scrunchy" which has elastic in it to hold the trash bag in place.
This will be fine since this trash only sees fabric and paper and yarn. Nothing gross.
If I do make one for the kitchen I will use a laminated cotton or an oil cloth so I can wipe it clean when it's needed.
Yep. Brilliant.
I also think using these as laundry bins would be fun. Instead of a trash bag, muslin or canvas linings could be used....and the colors could match your laundry room!
Yes. I am in love with it.
A trash can.


  1. That is a pretty trash can! I love the trash 'scrunchie'.

  2. Awww, I love Oscar, too! He'd be secretly proud to live in this can.

  3. You were so happy painting that can :)

  4. How do you make the scrunchy for it? My room mates are giving me strange looks not understanding it. I am looking to do the same one for trash and one for recycling in my kitchen. Please help!

  5. Hi Crystal-
    I couldn't reply to you because you are "no reply!"
    But, I measured the top of the trash can and added about 10 inches and made the fabric band around that big. I sewed the top band so that I could thread elastic through it. (the elastic piece I made just 1/2 shorter than the measurement of the trash can so it stays on there snuggly)
    hope this helps!


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