Monday, October 17, 2011

1 mile.


I am going to say it right now.
I do not believe in scales.
I do not believe in diets.
The minute you tell me I can not eat something, I will probably figure out a reason why I can.
I do believe in feeling good.
I do believe in outrunning the bad guys.
I do believe in feeling strong.

Lately, I know that I need to get on it.
The exercise thing.
I need to feel better..
I want to be stronger.
I can see the bad guys off in the distance, and there is no way I'm going to catch them.
I haven't been "to the gym" in over a year.

I can sit here and tell you all the reasons why.
I am not a morning person, I am too busy, the kids won't let me, the stereo isn't working, I need a new sports bra, the dog ate my homework. 
I don't want to.
Let's be real honest. That is the real reason-
because if you REALLY want something. You make it happen.

I was looking through a woman's magazine recently and it said even if you don't do that hour, even if you don't do all the {body parts} routines. Even if all you can do is 5 minutes. Do it. Wow. I know that sounds simple. But you know the drill. There's not enough time to do that thing you planned on starting.
It's been lingering in my mind. Like a song stuck in my head.
1 mile.
aubrey, you can do 30 minutes or 1 mile. Whichever comes first. {that voice in my head says}
you CAN do that.
aubrey, mornings obviously do not work for you. figure it out.
Tonight I told the hubs.
Every night at 8pm I am going to go down to that basement and run.
Maybe I will still get up in the mornings. But 8:00. That is going to happen.

Tonight I hopped on the elliptical and cranked up the music.
I closed my eyes and I ran.
When I opened my eyes I had ran 3 minutes.
Then, that little voice started.
you want to be down here all night? the sooner you get to 1 mile, the sooner we can be done with this. RUN.
So I ran. I ran like I was chasing the bad guys. I sang and I ran until I could not physically sing anymore. And I kept running.
1 mile, 10 minutes.
Really, aubrey? you're going to quit? that only took you 10 minutes. Keep going. See if you can make it to 2 miles. You can quit when you hit 2.
16 minutes in and I could feel the rubber legs starting.
Run backwards. just run. The sooner you hit 2, the sooner you can quit.
That last minute I closed my eyes again and told myself to keep running.
And guess what?
2 miles, 22 minutes.
That's no world record but I'll take it.
Is it bad that that voice in my head now wants to know how long it SHOULD take me to run 1 mile?
Maybe someday I'll do it that fast.
So who's going to "meet me at the gym" every night at 8:00??
1 mile or 30 minutes, whichever comes first.
First one back upstairs wins. ;)
Actually it is win, win isn't it?


  1. I'm really glad I read this post. Most of the time it's just starting and making that commitment to doing something. I make up so many excuses for myself. Thanks for the motivation :)

  2. We are so much alike. Thanks for the motivation and 1 mile or thirty minutes is great! Now to take my booty downstairs and get it moving. Thanks for this hun. xoxo

  3. What a great post and so true!! Thank you for the push!!


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