Thursday, November 3, 2011

the power of a positive attitude. be grateful.

pretty. ehe?
This picture COULD pretty much sum up my day yesterday.
BUT, I am not going to let it.
I have too much to feel glad for.
A shift in my attitude recently has seriously changed me.
Truth. In the past something like this could have ruined my whole day.
I would have been frustrated.  I would have been mad.
Mad I didn't get done what was on my list for the day.
Mad I had "wasted" three hours sitting on the side of the road.
remember when I drew this last month?
It is so true.
This blow out could have been much worse.
I could have lost control or gotten hurt on the side of the highway.
I could have been alone.
But the trip was to take care of something good.
The trip was a lunch date of sorts with my guy and the Bean.
We had been having a really nice day.
We got off to the side fine.
Yes, when he went to change the tire the lug nut was stripped and there was no way of changing the tire.
But his smart mom had given us AAA for his birthday.
As I watched him get frustrated I felt oddly at peace. 
It was fine. 
Our snow was gone, and though I was on the side of the highway I had walked down into a grassy field with my Bean. 
It was really a gorgeous day to be outside.
She looked so pretty playing in the grass.
I was being forced to JUST STOP. 
Something I just don't do often enough.
I could see my husband feeling so very STRESSED and he needed to get back to work.
I saw me in the past.
I wished him peace quietly.  There was nothing he could do about the situation.
I told him I was glad he was with me.
The first tow truck couldn't tow us. There had been a lack of communication. It was our back tire.
No one could get it off.
The bean and I raced each other. Laughing and being silly on the side of the road.
I ripped my tights.
Like magic, I didn't even care.
I was happy for all that I have.
When we finally decided to call a friend to come get us, he pulled up and asked if I was having a good day?
He meant to be sarcastic.
But right then I realized that YES, actually I was.
Maybe it didn't go as planned and I might be playing catch up today-
but the way I looked at it was it wasn't a bad day.
Life is an adventure.  
Know what I mean?
What are you grateful for?

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  1. Isn't that funny? Picturing yourself maybe...a year ago and how you would have reacted?
    It's so easy to become aggravated and impatient. But, if you're sitting there for 3 hours waiting to get fixed you can either be pissed off the whole time or try to enjoy it. And, you did! How lovely for you!


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