Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, like Ru Paul

Yeah, you read that right.
I totally googled, youtube'd trying to find a video this morning and couldn't.
Maybe that was a sign. Ru Paul first thing Friday morning might not work for some of you?
I never told you-
but Friday's I think of as "pump you up Fridays" and even if I don't post it I think of a theme song.
I have been playing catch up this morning and downed enough caffeine to sing
"you've got to work" more than once. SO that was where I was going with that.

SO, exciting fake events here.
They told me the post office had been bombed as I was heading out to it.
Turns out it was just a light bulb exploding, um in their OWN ceiling. It happens.
gossip much?
Thank goodness it was nothing!
Those journals up there went out this week, and so did this set of custom "family" cozies.
I love the natural look they have.
and in the category of exciting happenings here that are REAL:
I think I have figured out a way to incorporate some of my art into aubreyplays.
Be more authentic to myself.
This made Photoshop be in the house again....wahooo! oh how I have missed it so.
I am having fun with it and my art....and am expecting some fabric next week (wink).
Ok, that's all.
Have a fabulous weekend!!
"you've got to work, work it girl, and do your thing on the dance floor..."

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