Monday, November 7, 2011

eeeeeeeek! It's here! SNEAK PEEK!!!

Remember that time at Band Camp I asked you about fabrics???
Okay, I lied. We weren't at Band Camp. We weren't even face to face.
BUT, there was a reason for my inquiries....
Remember how I told you I was a artist?? Well, I have missed it.
I have been humming and hawing and trying to figure out how I can incorporate what I am doing right now with aubreyplays AND my art.
SO, I have been a little elf behind the scenes.....
My mom always told me about putting down my bag of shoulds.
So, in honor of her and that thought.
My VERY first fabric will be used for an actual and adorable
"bag of shoulds"
I'm only giving you the sneak here.
I was too excited to wait!!
and you can't tell but it's plum on a canvas fabric that's barely grey.
and guess what, there's a couple more in the works in a retro theme of type writters and aprons.  
Hand drawn by me.


  1. Aubrey! You sneaky little brat...the things that are stirring in your head at all times must be ridiculous.
    You know it's going to break your heart the first time you cut into it, right?

  2. I love it! Is the fabric for sale?

  3. You have your own fabric??? You're a rock star!! Way to go mama!


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