Thursday, June 30, 2011

{3} three Things Thursday: What are you grateful for?

Time to dust off my camera. It's been sitting too much this year.
Time to remember to play.
Back when I started this blog, before aubreyplays was even a thought. I took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I was like a little kid. I did superhero challenges. I went on random photo field trips. I was told by the hubs and my monsters that I'd gone crazy, but you know what? I started to PLAY. Taking pictures was my version of taking the time to smell the roses.

I have spent the week thinking about this and am trying to remember what made me stop?

Life. But you know that's when we should reach for the things that make us US the most.
Today instead of posting 3 things I am grateful for I am posting 3 shots from a 10 minute walk.

ok, yep, I lied. I am grateful for the sound of the rain dancing on the roof top. The comfort in knowing that I have a roof over my head (and more importantly my kiddos heads).  The melody it plays for me- its sort of magic you know?

I am grateful for the power of determination. Not only in myself but in the people around me. It makes me feel so proud.

With the 4th of July being this weekend- I am grateful that I have the freedom to make choices. I am grateful that our ancestors traveled to this land and had the courage to become independent.  I wish they had been a bit more fair to the American Indians...but well, I am still glad.

Ok, so its your turn. Be grateful too.

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