Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Friday!

This has been a week!  Regardless of who you voted for...You've got to be proud of America for making History this week.  We've come a long way!  And that is Amazing and Hopeful.  It is Good. {My 2 cents there, with the non stop flow of discussion I have heard over this past week.}

So, I was digging around looking for something to give me a JOLT creatively last night.  I came across  Shutter Sisters "SUPERHERO" Photo Challenge.  OK, who doesn't want to be a super hero once in a while?  I decided to pull on my tall red boots (circa Wonder Woman) and dig right in this morning.

This weeks challenge was: the leaf perspective
Fall leaves are one of my favorite things.
My challenge? We don't actually have any leaves in our yard.  
Camera to car, as I load up the girls on the way to school.
Without being some strange trespasser, my options seemed slight because a lot of the leaves are starting to loose their gorgeous pigment.  But I am a superhero....Wonder Woman!  No leaves... No problem!
There were a bunch of leaves by the entrance to my neighborhood. But all pale yellow...No, sad leaves just wouldn't do!   I trucked my self across the street and stole an armful of red leaves from some unsuspecting persons back yard.  I am helping them right? (crazy lady....good thing the red boots are only imaginary) Ok stage is set....Baby from car...warm enough weather for her bare feet.   In you go.
I realized this was her first time playing in the leaves.  The  morning light was kissing us.   It was magic.

I got some great shots.  I decided theses two were the most interesting result that fit the challenge. Seeing a bit of my little helper in them.  Back to Mom...but I'll hold on to those boots for later.
Have a happy Friday!

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