Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I had a houseful of guests this weekend.  So not much chance to get on here...
My Brother Joshua, his wife Shelley and my nephew Alden and their dog Blackberry.
We did go do one of the things I was looking forward to....a trip to the pumpkin Patch!

So FOCUS...is a word that keeps popping into my mind A LOT these days.  Maybe because of it's many different meanings.  I would like to continue to focus on the positives even on bad days.  I would like to focus on the little things.  I would like to keep my focus...concentration for 5 minutes please!

I have been changing my focus.

I have had my focus on random things, that I may not have snapped before.  I notice that I am carrying my camera more.  It is fun.  I have focused on my own thoughts more.  Something that is good.  I have looked inside, to bring out the "me" in there...to have fun and PLAY.
I have more focus on things I missed out on with my first two babies.  
I am not waiting to get that photo later.  Later may not have ever come.
{I snapped a photo of my mom holding Lily this weekend.  I never got one before.}
I also have found that I am enjoying the different focus that my pictures have. I am drawn more to the ones that may not have the entire focus on the subject, but rather the enviroment the subject is enveloped in...the hugging of the light.  Of course they still have the subject the main focus, but the photos I am focusing on more are more whole.  More real.
So I am going to keep right on focusing on these different things...and the focus will keep me trucking on.

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  1. those are some awesome photos!! :)

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