Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hurry Up Stop and GO!

Today I drove into Reston.  It was a day of running.
Hurry into town.  Hurry to get your errands done.
Hurry...You can look but don't touch. Go Go GO!
Hurry to the husband, hurry to get the kids
I have a lot of days like this.....pushing to get everything done.  
Make everyone happy.
Hurry up and go!  but don't stop till you cross the finish line!  
(in my case it is picking up the kids from school, which in actuality is no finish line at all.)
But through all of it there is an exuberant happiness.  Maybe just hanging there like a ghost at times...but always there.  Sometimes, you just have to stop and listen to it.
The sweet words of Lily "thank you" to everyone.  everyone.
The funny humor from my Collin..."mom, we're being hacked!"
(not really, but he thought it would maybe scare me)
Chloe's brain...OHHH her brain.   "Mom look what I discovered! RACECAR is the same frontwards and back!  I am going to find more!"
And seeing little things tonight that show me my husband IS listening to me.
So I wrote a lot more tonight than I planned on. 
I am changing my focus.
Today even through the running I was able to focus on the happy things.
I dragged my mom along for the ride and snapped my fingers along the way
"Let's go! Let's Go! Let's go!"
ICEBERRY was definitely a happy thing.  The most happy frozen yogurt. mmm.
We did actually STOP and enjoy that treat.  
AND the most adorable "Cakewalk."  Yes, those are some Happy tights.
Thank goodness that my mom could not resist them. Happy. Happy.
AND the most happy thing, was the solid good crack up true blue laugh.
OHHH...I could not even help the poor lady with the stink was just too funny.
Sorry mom.  I really was trying to get it out of the car before I was overcome with laughter....
Now that would have been a good picture.

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