Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Feet

So- What is inspiring me today?
Oddly enough Feet!  To be more specific, I just can not resist my Lily's tiny little baby feet.....
When she stands on those tippie toes, on her belly with her feet crossed in the air (yes I do that too).....I find it absolutely fascinating how she uses those tiny feet.  So feminine too!
Looking through recent photos I laugh because I have pictures of my sons feet peeking out of our tree fort, My husbands feet sticking off the couch as he naps, and even our Lab - Max's feet.
So I decided to snap some pictures of Lily's feet this morning.  Silly.

Let's face it, those little feet will be gone before I know it and I would have lost the opportunity.
Maybe I will spend the week paying more attention to everyones feet.  Hey, it is better than thinking about other things!  I am sure this will fuel the idea that Mom is just plain crazy.
But that is fine.
It will be a fun page.

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