Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: Let's join the circus.

don't you ever have days you want to run off and join the circus with me too?

elephants, giraffes and other circus animals.  The costumes, the popcorn and peanuts, tight rope walkers and men with unusually large muscles and strange mustaches. The bearded lady and just plain magic. What makes you think Circus? am having a love affair with all things circus ever since I read Water for Elephants. I love that era. It feels sort of romantic to me. 
It's a little way of saying lets run off together...or Let's you and me escape this crazy life and go off together for a life of adventure....

Be sure to click on the image above to link to the treasury and check out all the information on these awesome circus-esk items.

please note: this treasury was compiled by me for no other reason than a true liking of what I saw while browsing for a group of items with a circus theme. Other than the quilted canvas in my shop, have no first hand knowledge of any of these fun items.


  1. I love elephants! I might check out that book, sounds interesting! This post reminds me of the song "Trapeze" by Patty Griffin. :)

  2. I think of tightrope walkers :) I would LOVE to go see a circus!!


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