Monday, June 27, 2011

Brainstorming a new line up & the first "Weekend Wares"

So a couple of things usually happen over the weekend.
 I slack off relax a little bit on house/mom stuff and focus on new ideas and special orders.
This weekend was no exception.
Thinking I need to maybe more consistent on here-
I sat down and brain stormed some themes or ideas to keep me going through the week...
I'm not a super rule follower so we'll see how I do. AND how you like them.
So for Mondays I wrote "weekend Wares"
Because I am usually creating new stuff over the weekend, I thought I'd use Mondays to show off what got made over the weekend.  This may end up being a weekend trip or photos sometimes too.
Here's the stuff that got made in the studio over the weekend:
I made my first mug rug.
She's a little wonky and I'd love to know how many of you like these.
Not sure of my commitment to them yet ;)

My new Wristlet is hitting the shop
Does this say summer or what?  
The bees and the lime hive fabric mixed with orange piping.
Bright and happy and citrus good.
I got in some awesome fabric last week that I had ordered specifically for wristlets.
I have been wanting to put a couple in the shop.
They are perfect for easy summer outings.
I messed around with it and ripped it out eight times before it turned out like I had it in my brain.
This is the smaller size and I have one that I enlarged to be slightly larger.
I have the other fabrics cut out so I'm on a roll with these.

And last I had a special order for a book cover.
I love these.
I hope the sweet gal will be as tickled by it as I was. ;)
These are great for any book or notebook. They would make a cool planner cover as well.
Sky is the limit.

What did I call it??
"let's join the Circus"
Let me know what you think-
feedback keeps me going!

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  1. I really really love the book cover! So cute!! I can't wait to get my custom order. You always do such great things!!


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