Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kitten Party: a review

Look what dropped on my door step last week!
Screams of glee, "and awww, they are sooo adore-able!" is what I heard as I took it out of its envelope.
Kitten Party. This DVD is from the makers of Puppy Party and is a low key video that my little one particularly likes to watch at bed time. Whiskers the kitten narrates this 70 minute video filled with tons of different breeds of kittens, and shares what it is exactly these furry little creatures like to do. They are in full kitten mode mischievous and frisky, barely missing trouble as they romp through this video.
Because it is such a low key video, it is perfect for a quiet time moment for your little one to just chill out and watch. Little wee ones would probably enjoy it too.

Kitten Party can be found at
At K-mart, Sears, and Ross...
or hop online and check it out at nCircle entertainment!
Street date: 9/14/2010
SRP$ 6.99

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