Sunday, October 10, 2010

The new straps are fun

I have seen these fabulous camera straps popping up everywhere for a while now. I longed for one from Etsy until my fabulous mom-in-law got me one. And I love it. But, a girl is a girl and this girl likes the idea of having a few straps to choose from just like this girl likes a few pairs of boots to choose from. Then it happened. I came across a tutorial and voila there she goes! The best part to me, is that they take so little fabric, that this one was basically free! Left over scraps ladies....scraps! About 1/2 hour of my time...and done, there I was prancing around in delight showing it off to my family who all said I was a dork that I was awesome. Of course I can never just follow I left off the ruffles for this one, but I am in love with the little pocket to hold my lens, lipstick, love get the idea. I am thinking I might need a rack for all the straps I'm going to make! Call me a dork fabulous if you insist. I am quite HAPPY with my newest accessory that I made all by myself.

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