Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coffee: hot to cold

MMMMMM. Fall.  La, la, la, LOVE it.  I love the CRISP-ness of it.
The crunchy leaves. Not to mention the GORGEOUS colors.
Completely excellent.  I also have been loving these cooler mornings.
And if you have followed me at all you know that I love coffee.  I use my trusty machine and crank out a cold latte just about every morning of the year.  But there comes a point when the time comes to make the switch. Because what made me love coffee in the first place was that comforting steam that comes from a hot coffee on a chilly brisk morning. (not to mention the buzz)
So inspired, and determined to have one of those adorable sleeves that I posted about a couple months back I started digging through my supplies....
Bingo, an old tiny canvas bag.  (hence some of the loose string you see) Scraps of fabric. A snap button, because I had to improvise...and I MADE one!
I know, it is silly, but as I drank my coffee this morning, I just felt THAT much more special.
It really isn't much to make this girl smile.
I love it.

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