Monday, October 25, 2010

Housework...well, it....

Let me start this post by saying how grateful I am to have a house to clean.
A warm roof over my head and a nice one too.
That my floors are not made out of dirt.
How grateful I am to have three healthy, happy, smart children to pick up after.
How glad I am that I can do laundry right in my little house and don't have to truck it across town to the nearest Suds N' Bubbles. That fostering independence creates ginormous messes excellent self confidence. That I have an amazing shedding dog who is the definition of loyalty....and a shedding cat to be completely entertained by.
That everyone is potty trained.
Yes, I know I am lucky... and I tried really hard today to let THAT be my mantra as I cleaned mess after mess while others were being made simultaneously outta the corner of my eye. I am lucky.
But, I just kept coming back to this:

And this cute drawing came from a new blog I have just come upon that I think has some So So adorable freebies. (thank you!)
It is called pepper stitches and to see those embroidery patterns click here . My mind is clicking away the possibilities!!
Well, it does sometimes. Just saying.

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