Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Looking for some sort of epic...


  1. very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary ; an epic voyage; of heroic proportions; heroic sculpture; epic tradition;
  2. constituting or having to do with or suggestive of a literary epic;

Why do I "waste my time doing silly things"?
well, I guess I am just looking for some sort of epic. Something that fills me up. Satisfies the craving for an image with epic-ness that touches the soul, and makes me feel happy all the way down to my bones. Of course my epic may be different than yours. But of course I hope not. I'd like to tickle your soul just a little bit too. I want to be 90 and get the same feeling all over again.

It's what we do isn't it? when we pick up our cameras and go on this 365 journey? Because why else would we do it?
Today may have been just an ordinary day, dull. My soul left sleeping....that is until I carted out my expresso machine and two girls....
"why are you doing this mom? it is so silly." Because I can. Because it is waking me up. Because I want to. Maybe it will be that epic image I have been searching for. And maybe the look I get from a passerby of just how crazy I just may be will tickle me so, that I will smile all day about it. Maybe I won't be so bored snapping pictures for the remainder of the year. Of course the image in my brain as I carted out my machine and the image I love the best are 2 very different ideas....but look at that; I can have a picture of an inanimate object I love and two girls I adore, and it can makes no sense in a very Alice in Wonderland sort of way it can make me feel very happy. Silly. I am looking through the view finder for a minute instead of thinking about the serious things in life. And then I can breathe.
So yes, I am still going to wander on my 365 journey and hope to find a little epic in a "perfectly normal life."
It's there. Sometimes you just have to be awake and looking for it.


  1. I "get" it.

    Didn't know what it was until I read, but I still "GOT" it!!!

    Happy blogging - - -

  2. You made me laugh hard! I'd love to have you for a neighbor. You are my idea of wonderful. :D


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