Sunday, January 13, 2013


At the beginning of the year, I decided a few things.
Things that were hard to decide, and also things that were right in front of me.
One of these things, was how I want aubreyplays to be in my life this year.
I think the day I said no to the emmy's was the day it all sort of clicked for me.
I need to be the center of this little hub of a family.
I don't want to miss a thing.
Saying goodbye to Max this week, just reaffirrmed that for me.
It also reminded me that in order for me to be my best me,
to be my authentic self, creating and continuing aubreyplays is essential to who I am.
I am sort of relieved at this thought. But I have to make some changes.
SO,  I am going to start off the year doing things a little different at aubreyplays.
All items that I make will be one of a kind creations that I will not recreate. 
I am hoping that by following my whims, and leaning towards a playful spirit, that I will be able to capture a love of life and send out some happiness that you will enjoy and smile from as well.
This will also allow me to focus on family when I need to focus on family 
and play when I have the time to play.
TO kick this off, I am challenging myself to make an effort to use up my glorious stash of favorite scraps.
{I feel more freedom knowing that I do not have to keep a supply of a certain fabric and can use what ever feels right!}

From now until February expect to see "sweetheart" creations for the tiny loves of your lives. 
Another new thing?
I also am going to post these creations up for grabs via instagram FIRST!
The first person to leave a comment with their paypal address gets to purchase it. 
On most items, instagram purchases will also mean free shipping. (as my little thank you to you)
After 24 hours, if the item has not sold I will put it into my etsy shop.
The ease of snapping an instagram picture and posting the item will make things easier 
((and more fun I think!))
If you are not on instagram, don't worry! I can't imagine everything will go...can I?
So expect to see happy little items coming!!

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