Friday, January 11, 2013

DO you have directions to where you are going?

Excuse me, but do you carry a map everywhere you go?
Wear it on your heart?
Follow a plan?
You can’t, can you?
Even if you have life planned out to the T….with all your to do lists…it’s not going to happen.
And actually, life has it’s best for you in the form of surprises.
I promise this.
Sometimes you do what works,  not what you had planned:
because you don’t have it all figured out yet
because you are still searching
because you don’t know actually where we are going, but we are heading there anyway
because we evolve.
So here is my journey.
I was born an artist. I believe that.
When I am painting or drawing I feel the most alive. The most like me.
I can feel the exact same way I did when I was four.
So wait, how is it that I have a little shop selling things I sew?  Why am I not PAINTING!?
We get lost.  In life you will lose yourself  but it is only temporary if you are listening.
Babies and working and LIFE sometimes stand in front of us and we can’t reach those things we love to do.
They are there in the distance but we forget to keep them close. Important.
We make the people we love important.
As a woman who is strong enough and driven enough to go after what you wanted,
You are strong enough to make sure you make YOU  important.
If you make doing the things you love important, then you will be authentic.
If you are being true to yourself you will be your best for those you love.
The map, or directions that I asked you about?
They will come.
As you go after your dreams in this venture.
Don’t worry about what works for everybody else.
Don’t forget to look at your authentic self.
If you are a little lost. Listen. Keep an open mind.
It will find you.
I was a painter.
I painted murals for people for years.
I stepped away and started this new venture.
because it was what I wanted to do.
because it kept me at home more.
because I was only painting things that other people wanted me to paint.
Because I thought it would work.
In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to include my art.
That piece of me, because that is what would keep me authentic.
It is how you would get to know me best.
But I was lost. I had to keep listening.
The whole point of this, is to tell you we all need to listen.
I want you to listen to yourself in your venture.
I want you to do what makes you feel authentic.
Like when you were four.
Think about it…
At least they think they do.
I want you to find that confidence again too.
And then you will succeed.

*I originally wrote this last year for revolutionizeHER.
 The whole point was to encourage women to go after their dreams and to be authentic. TO take the time they need for themselves so that they will be their best for those they love. 
SO, You will be you.
I thought it was worth revisiting this week, as a reminder to me as well.

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