Friday, September 21, 2012

VLOG {say what!?} good vs evil. or something like that...

Sometimes being a good Samaritan involves a huge leap of faith in humanity. 

Those words could not be truer than true you know?
But they make me kind of sad.
I think I was once naive and thought there was good in everyone.
But I think I always knew you had to watch out for the bad apples.
Have you ever gone through a period of life where you sort of feel like you are getting thrown one pop quiz after another?
I mean this as in the truest sense of life lessons.
Recently, I feel like I have been given all of these little bitty tests.
My answer? It's what I said up there.
Having faith in humanity is hard sometimes.
Especially if you aim to be a good person.
A good samaritan.
I mean, I want to pay it forward.
but let's face it, I don't want the words
"she wanted to be a good samaratan"
written. on. my. gravestone.
Do you know what I am saying?

I started typing this last night before I crashed.
I woke up this morning and it was still on my mind.
I was somehow convinced to do this VLOG.
I can't make any promises about it's quality.
I've really never done it before.
But, Here's to going outside your comfort zone ;)
and DUDE, what was up with that silly face I made at the end!?
Happy Friday.


  1. Love it, Aubrey!!! Wish you lived in VA...

  2. That was a smart way to help her while still protecting yourself. And good that you did it. Karma!



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