Friday, September 28, 2012

embracing it.

I am pretty sure the lesson of the week was I am not in charge.
Well, I am, but not really.
It does not matter how many to do lists you make.
It does not matter how many plans you have laid out.
Once you have kids, they are the ones running the show.
They decide how much sleep you will get.
They decide how much stuff you will get done.
They decide if suddenly you are going to be mopping the floor today.
Or running to the doctors office.
They decide if you will suddenly be relearning algebra.
Or if you will be throwing down your phone and speed demon racing to the school.
(praying to god you will not be pulled over. Praying to god that you will get there fast enough)
They decide a whole heck of a lot.
Even if that means nothing will get done.
They don't even know they are doing it.

This week put a lot of grey hairs on my head.
It was not fun.

I need to put it in perspective.
I need to acknowledge-
I am NEVER getting NOTHING done.
By me saying I got nothing done,
I have to realize that actually means I got my most important job in the entire world covered.
Me being their mom.
I need to embrace it.
I need to do the very best I can do.
that's it.

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  1. Amen. :) Sounds like you are getting the best parts done.


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