Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's do this. {Keepers}

I don't know about you, but there is a certain satisfaction in getting stuff:
Sometimes, I even have been known to write something down on my to do list that I just did just so I can strike that pen line through it.
The shame.
SO Lately, I have been counting on my KINDLE more and more.
What I once thought was merely for my reading enjoyment has become such a greater tool to me.
{really a lot this past couple of weeks with my computer m.i.a.}
BUT, like I said, I am a list taker, list maker, list crosser out kind of girl so I always have that by me too.  AND, then if you add the fact that I have to CONSTANTLY have a spot to jot my random ideas before they get lost in the outer space of my head.
That's a lot to carry around.
SO, I decided to make a functional cover to hold a little bit of all of it and quit making excuses, and just get my stuff D.O.N.E.
something to motivate me too.
let's do this.
In the wishy washiness of it all I could not decide on colors and shrugged my shoulders deciding to make a couple of them so I could just decide in the end.
I stuck the extras in the shop tonight.
so that I can help you DO WHAT YOU DO TOO.

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