Monday, September 17, 2012

super heros for Alden

About a month ago I was clicking through the interworld  (can I make up that term?)
and happened upon this post.
Jaimee's blog never fails to show what a rock star mamma she is...but 
You see; my sweet, handsome and only nephew Alden would be turning 6 in September and I just knew his super hero loving self would just LOVE these guys. Now that the day has past I feel it is safe to post them. ;)
This turned into a fun project that I finished over the course of an afternoon. 
Just a few stops along the way for dry times.
I tried to use one color across all the superheros before moving on to the next and that seemed to speed things along too.
As a final touch I used a fine sharpie to complete these bad boys and add the final details.
You can see the entire tutorial on the link above.
AND, you can bet your bottom dollar that yep, I clicked onto lil boo blue to see the princess ones as well. AAAAND Yep, the Bean now has a set that she plays with more than those expensive store bought toys. so there!
{{playing some catch up here. No computer has been tough!! Working with a borrowed one today so I hope to get some stuff done ;))}}
How's your Monday going?
AM I the only one who is seeing star burst images of POW, and BAM now??
I am such a super hero nerd.


  1. These are so cool! Way to go!


  2. What a fantastic project! Bet you're a favorite auntie!

  3. Awesome! Those were actually Tiffany's ; ) We are partnering the blog now and unveiling a new design very soon. She's a creative superpower when it comes to cool kids stuff. Love how your superhero peggies turned out!!


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