Saturday, August 18, 2012

what's the story? morning glory.

Wow. the story?
The whole story?
Today's story would go like this.
There was once a girl who people would ask her young 19 year old freckled face self
if her parents were home when they came to the door.
She was a newly wed, and thought that was funny.
Almost five years later, while watching the final episode of 90210,
she discovered she was no longer just a girl.
She was going to be a mama.
Life has never been the same.
Not once.
Because her heart is always reaching out with protective arms...
surrounding that baby boy...and his two sisters that followed.

Today's story would tell you that sometimes, you have those moments as a mom,
when it all hits you at once.
And that fear, that you thought you had conquered as a mama.
It returns.
My babies are not babies anymore.
And sometimes I close my eyes really tight and try to imagine that they are.
What they looked like.
I feel scared that I might not be able to remember.
Today I would tell you that that's where I am at right now.
That I took my daughter to her JR HIGH orientation.
{that she will start on Monday}
That I gave my son permission, to get on the METRO and travel to DC
with his two best buddies to see the museums. ALONE.
{I had to trust my intuition that wanted so badly to say no, but knew it would be a good experience for him. My intuition told me he would be okay.}
That I had to explain to my littlest that she was going to be big enough to be a kindergartner on Monday, and that's what she'll be.
Today's story would be that I cried big drop tears after they went to bed.
Because while everything changes outside.
Everything stays the same in this mamas heart.
I wiped them away and took a big breath and made myself brave.
To show them that strong confidence, so that they believe it too.
I had to trust that my son would be alright.
I have to trust that everything will be okay.
I have to be proud, that my babies are becoming who they are.
That's my story today.
what's yours?


  1. Oh hon! I'm terrified on a daily basis of her growing up and being outside the reach of my arms! You're doing so well.

  2. So beautiful Aubrey, I re-discovered images of my twin girls at 8-12mths and held back tears while staring at them on the screen at the camera shop. So easy to forget the expressions and language and smallness of them. Good on you for trusting your instincts and giving a little trust to your children. They're very important milestones. x


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