Monday, August 20, 2012

the first day

Dear first day,
you kind of rocked my world with the fall weather. For real.
Thank you for letting me enjoy hot coffee, and knee high boots without breaking a sweat.
Not a bad way to start off the first day of the new school year.
We all may crawl into bed REALLY early tonight.
The first day of school felt awfully soon this morning....
Dear first day of 8th grade....

Dear first day of JR HIGH!! 

Dear first day of Kindergarten,
Even if I felt a little sad lately about their growth, I felt really excited for them today too.
Life is a beautiful ride. Besides, how can you not get excited about fresh crayons, markers and notebooks? I may be a "grown up"....but I still love what the first day of school holds.

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  1. I love the first day too! School supplies are the BEST form of potential. I can't believe how big your little MAN looks! CRAZY!


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