Wednesday, August 1, 2012

libraries are too cool for school...

photo via dangargyle
so tell me,
when was the last time you walked into a library?
I went a whole bunch of years then I stopped going.
There was the internet.
There were my monsters.
(who would clear off an entire book shelf faster than Buzz Lightening)

I've been going back.
There is something so magical about a quiet library.
where you feel like if given the time, you could learn absolutely anything.
So, remember that "book Nerd" treasury I was put in a couple weeks ago?
I decided that I HAD TO HAVE this little pouch to hold our library cards.
I took the Bean to get her very first one this week. {insert one very proud mama here}
When it arrived it was wrapped perfectly and tied with a bow.
and gesh, how did they know I was a sucker for words with definitions!?
Happy Dancing happened.
Do you know what's sad? No one in my house knew what this was.
You know what, they don't use these anymore do they? It's all computers.
I actually came across an entire stack of these due date cards when I was like in 4th grade and spent DAYS categorizing all of my books and attaching little pockets. Then I pretended I was a librarian and let all my girlfriends check out books from the library of aubrey.
(huh, guess I've always been sort of a geek...)
I know it's silly but this pouch just makes me happy.
And I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to sewn items I buy.
I feel jipped if it isn't completely finished inside and out.
This little pouch DID NOT DISAPPOINT.
that happy pattern brought total happiness to my bones!
It is finished perfectly.
Dang Argyle has no idea I am bragging about them. 
But I had to.
so, go to the library. It's a cool hiding spot.
The Bean has checked out her first set of books.
Her favorites? the books that come home with a CD too.
she thinks THOSE are too cool for school.


  1. It's not silly for the pouch to make you makes me happy just seeing the photos!
    We love our library. We're lucky, too, because the staff there is quite lovely and always so generous with their time and energy!

  2. I love the library, I started going (since childhood) after a big break-up, no money and needing "something". The library was it. 15 years later I take my three young children, we especially love pre-school story time.

    1. isn't that awesome that now you are taking your kids there!?


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