Monday, July 30, 2012

flapper babies. a memory to play with!

So, about a year and a half ago I opened up a little shop called aubreyplays.
I had this grand idea that mommas would send me an outgrown dress and I would make them a purse out of it. That was sort of the idea, but I never committed to it completely because it didn't feel just right.
you see, I am sort of a sappy mama. I don't hold onto much. But as my babies have grown there have been certain items, certain outfits that remind me too too much of their littleness and I never had the heart to get rid of them. I am too practical, and it bothered me that these items just sat alone in a small box in a closet. As my girls got a little older they asked if they could use some of their baby clothes to dress up their doll babies. AND, that my friends, is where the idea for these "flapper babies" came from.
This has been a project that has been under wraps and I have worked to create a doll baby with a little sass, a charming look and a perfect size. LOVING the era of "flappers" I decided to create a baby that was somewhat reminiscent of this style. These babies look like they are wearing a little retro swim suit. Their hair is styled to look like a flapper, complete with a matching head band and their delicate lace tights add that final vintage flair!
Each baby has hand drawn/embroidered sleepy eyes and pouty lips. Soft pink cheeks complete the look.
If fabric allows, each baby also has a matching skirt that you can keep on or take off!
The best part!? no more feeling sad about all those hidden items sitting all alone in the closet!
This one of a kind item is so precious and my hope is that it will bring happy memories for momma and new happy memories for your little one.
And guess what else, as I have been working on these, I have discovered that some mamas are even smarter than me and have sent me items from the nursery such as a diaper storage bag or sheets! It works with more than just an outgrown dress, although working with those little baby dresses do warm my heart. I might even be checking out the baby clearance rack to add some of these to the shop ready made ;)
You pick the item. you pick the hair color.
I've added these to the shop this weekend.  I'm so excited to see what you've got for me!!

{oh, and for all you mamas to little men....I am working on a pirate or monster doll..
which would you like to see?}


  1. Oh, how I love it. Can't wait to see it in real life! ;)

  2. Precious!! I love this idea so much :) Now I'll have to go cry my way through Lily's tiny clothes that don't fit and pick out a perfect outfit. This would be a perfect Christmas present!!


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