Thursday, June 28, 2012

the halfway mark.

After the flurry of last weeks excitement I spent the week reflecting a little bit.
And, well, running kids from one spot to the next A LOT.
Did you notice we've hit the halfway mark for 2012?
When I started this year I had only a few simple and very clear ideas of how I wanted to spend my life.
They were supposed to be straight forward and uncomplicated.
It seems like the minute I typed them
and looked at them that way, they actually were.
It was an invigorating feeling to think it doesn't have to be so complicated.
It really felt fun to stop and realize that my simple more/less goals are things that I am feeling I have been succeeding in this year.
They may not seem like much, but they were BIG things in 2011 and I feel sort of like I can breathe a sigh of relief in conquering them just a little in 2012.
KINDNESS seems to be the number one.
The cool thing about this one is it all sort of trickles down from there and fixes the rest.
I am showing myself to people more, not worrying if they thing I am an odd bird.
I am more aware of how I think of people and realize that we are all fighting our own battles.
The hardest was being kinder to myself. Sometimes that isn't what we automatically do.
Or at least what I automatically do.
I am hard on myself.
I can happily say that making an effort to be kinder not only to the world, but to myself so far this year has made a huge difference in my life.
It's reduced my stress and helped me make more focused decisions.
Who would have thought a simple goal like that would have made such a difference?
SO anyway, on this random day in June tell me, 
as you've hit the halfway mark of 2012, how's your year going?
Pssss. there are some fun new items sitting in the studio. I just have to get the right moment and spot to photograph them! I'm so excited about my new "fire"


  1. So glad that you're succeeding at your goals. And I like the odd bird ;)

  2. my year is going well and i have had a lot of opportunities on my door step - it is hard to figure out which ones are really whats best for me and what isnt!

  3. My year isn't what I wanted so far. It's not bad...far from...but the goals I intended to reach haven't even come into the picture.
    That's ok though because I did some pretty rad stuff this year! PS I am in love with your new stuff!


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