Saturday, June 30, 2012

speak up

in a fantastic furry of inspiration,
she scribbled down her thoughts and imagined the possibilities.
It was raining, yet that only fueled her fire.
all those years of quote keeping finally had a reason.
all those words that touched her and haunted her mind
finally had a place.
she was tired of being quiet.
she had things to say.
it suddenly did not matter that she was not saying them to people deemed important.
she wasn't seeking them.
she was seeking the people who found her 
and understood her words.
as the words left her she wished for the people who happened upon them.
she hoped that they would READ them 
and CHANGE their mind.
That THEY would feel important.
they are AMAZING she thought
as she hoped they knew that they could just BE.
Love one another.
accept each other,
be BRAVE enough to do the little things
and speak their mind.
a little bit about where the speak up collection came from
a new line of products that have lots to say.
the first batch hit the shop last night.
What do you have to say?

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  1. Could you lend me enough money to buy every single thing in your shop? Please?


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