Friday, April 6, 2012

you're just my type

and you know this girl loves all things typewriter...

It was fun to find myself in this awesome treasury ;)


  1. Wow! So gorgeous and yours are easily the coolest!
    I want to live in your head. It sounds pretty in there. Maybe there would be talking squirrels that would greet me with vanilla tea. Maybe there would be a willow tree that called me over to nap in it.
    You know what? As totally freakin random as this comment is I feel like I've left it for you before. :S

    1. no, I don't think you left this same comment before...
      but THANK YOU!
      It made me smile, and it kinda made me want to live in your head!
      weeping willows are my favorite. I like pomegranate tea, I am sort of scared of squirrels...
      happy day to you lovie!


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