Tuesday, April 10, 2012

quality over quantity

I think I have been channeling my Momminess to you, my poor blog readers lately.
Little life lessons that somehow work their way into my mind for days and even weeks later.
I am an analyzer. I rethink, and contemplate constantly.
But really, mostly with my kids.
Because I want to make sure I didn't mess up.
Or do something that I maybe could have done better.
I do find that I could have done a lot some things better (more than it's fun to admit),
and I learn from it.
One of the biggest blessings in having kids and teaching them,
 is how often you will find you are learning from them too.
It is like an entirely different perspective. LIGHTBULBS.
I am now realizing that LOTS of times we are standing there teaching our kids, encouraging them and we don't send the same message to ourselves.
How's that happen?
It does.
I feel like my biggest battle these days as a mom is trying to convince my children that if they are going to do something, they should do it right the first time.
Take pride in what they do.
Quality over quantity.
Which made me think of you.
For a little while I had it in my head I needed to meet a certain number of posts to be successful 
in sending out to you the message I am trying to send.
To keep your interest, to thank you for being here I had to just post.
I sometimes gave you fluff, and I am sorry.
I heard myself talking to my son yesterday, and realized I should be listening to me too.
I won't promise to post every day.
I may go missing a week.
But I think I am promising now to give you my whole heart.
If I sit down and decide to write you a post.
A love letter.
{well, sort of}
I will give you my best. Bits of me.
I will have thought about it for more than a few minutes.
I will try to answer you if you leave a comment ever time.
{I wouldn't want to leave your high five hanging, because did you know that happens to me all the time!? and I kind of hate that.}
AND, a few of you who have left me comments are no reply bloggers.
SO I may have to stalk you to give you a shout back.
{just learned this and have been replying to "noreply" for months!!}
Or if you'd like to hear back from me make sure you switch that for me okay?
Take pride in what you do.
Even if you think you will never ever meet that person ever.
It still matters.
*it's spring break here this week, and I am the queen of this spring break cruise, so you may  not hear from me much ;)


  1. I totally relate to this post. And I really get behind the idea of blogging when you have something to say and not several times a week (with fluff if needed) like all the blog experts say. Much love,

  2. Aubrey, I can't imagine you NOT giving everything you have. Every little bit of what you post, fluff or not, is a part of YOU and that makes it wonderful. Say what you need to say, and we'll be right here reading it. :)

  3. I agree with Little Stitch so much - even if it is just a few short words it still comes from you! :) I will always appreciate what you have to say. I look up to you in many ways and always enjoy your words. Hugs and squeezies :)

  4. you girls are the sweetest.
    thank you so much.
    You just completely touched me.

  5. I'll take quality of quantity any day! It makes the posts you do write that much more special :) Have fun on your vacation!


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