Friday, March 2, 2012

'Not So Scrappy' fabric challenge

I have to say they are rock stars.
They have sent me the many fabrics I've ordered over this past year quick, and always end up making me smile in the process!
So, when they announced a 'Not So Scrappy' fabric challenge last month I was just a little giddy.
AND THEN, they announced the challengers and I was one!! YES!
They were going to send me a bundle of six different fat eighths.
I had so many ideas pop into my head as I waited for my stack to arrive and was feeling sort of indecisive UNTIL I opened it. The Bean happened to be standing there when I opened the box   {I may have been doing a happy dance which may have drawn attention to myself} She let out a glee filled scream and said I HAD to make her something. It's only instructions? Have fun!! Now that is a good thing.
So I decided to make her a little outfit and used one of the solids for her waistband and cut each of the other eights 12 1/2 inches each (Leaving me five 9x9 inch squares left over of them!!)
I then cut each of the strips in half and pinned them together and sewed them to make the bottom of the skirt. I attached the solid top band and attached a zipper up the back.

We were aloud to use an extra fabric from our stash, but to make this outfit come together super quick for this antsy five year old I used her sisters outgrown shirt. {WIN} I just added some cute fabric sleeves to the t-shirt with one of the extra pieces of fabric to tie it all together.

I thought about doing a little applique on the front but my girl likes things simple and said no way.
um, can you tell she is happy?
Time is my worst enemy and I still have four 9x9 inch squares to make her a little matching purse.
I say WOAH. That is sort of amazing if you think about it. ALL that out of this little pack of fabric.
She asked me if she could please wear it every single day.
I think that alone is enough to make this mom smile.
I seriously am keeping my eye out for the next scrappy pack because I have a couple more plain t-shirts I could transform.... instead of a zipper every time I could do an elastic waistband too.


  1. Look at all that SASS!! I love it! She is so much fun!

  2. Oh my goodness! I just can't stand the cuteness factor here! My kids get equally excited when they see new fabric and they've always got great ideas of things to do with it all!

    You did an awesome job! Hope it was as fun as it looks!

  3. that skirt is so cute.
    LOVE how bright the purple is!


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