Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Headed out the door... custom orders

Whirl wind month and I have not done a "heading out the door" post in a while.
Custom order were the words of the month. phew!
SO brace yourself people. There might be a bunch of photos in this post!
After making this {shmily} pouch for a macbook, I am thinking I need some more {shmily} in my life!!
isn't that fabric absolutely awesome sauce!?

This cute puppy named "honey" was the topic of conversation for me and my Bean. I made up a story about her best friends the bees and everything ;)
 Cover your eyes. Bum shot!
we had fun playing with her floppy ears too!

Next, a lovely gals pinterest wish come true ;)
A happy spring purse with wooden handles.

a little zebra love'n
ereader pouch
and actual Zebras
funny story. The Bean wanted hers "realistic" so I had to make another one more girly for a charity basket.
(get it out of my system :) hers on the right, theirs on the left.

and a little more ereader love in school colors

last one I'll post today is some monsters, because you know I love little monsters

Hope everyone likes their special orders! 
I think I may be coming up with a que system for custom orders to keep them more on track.
I hate to make people wait!!
Serious fun stuff this month though.
Which one is your favorite?


  1. woot woot! these are all so beautiful!! xoxo

  2. Why do I hear shmiley in Adam Sandler's voice?

    I've been working on a zebra for 2 weeks now. She's just sitting there, head, legs and arms. No torso because I can't decide whether to make her a naked zebra torso or have her be wearing a shirt.

    You get stuff done, lady! I feel so lazy. Though I'm not getting paid so....

  3. Fab, as always! All of it...but I do love that Honey pup!

    I've been using my "I Play with Monsters" bag since it arrived and love LOVE it! I get compliments on it all the time : )

    Jaimee @ Craft, Interrupted

  4. cute! I'm lovin' that Honey puppy!

  5. the honey puppy is so darling. :)


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