Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MONTHLY CONTEST: sew, you think you're a rock star?

the time has come!
I launched some of my new original fabrics in November.
You lovelies have had 4 months to get your hands on them and get your scissors to work!
NOW, I want to see what you've got!!
I am launching starting right now the SEW, you think you're a rock star contest!!
AND the winner each month will receive one of my
"Sew you think you're a rock star necklaces"!!!

So here's how it works:
You use ANY of my original fabrics, How ever you want.
Have fun. PLAY.
THEN, you send me a photo of your finished project so I can post it up here and brag about it!
{I think the most fun I will have with these new projects is seeing what you come up with!!}
EACH month I will choose a winner.
AND, maybe you? will get to pick out which word you want on your pretty little necklace!
I will kiss that pretty little necklace and send it to you, the rock star!
SO let's do this.
I can not wait to see what you'll do!
First prize will go out for the month of March.
So get sewing!

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