Friday, February 24, 2012

the earth laughs in flowers

so Here I am minding my own business and waiting in a lobby for my girl to come out from practice from her play. I am messing around on my phone and reading an email from this sweet chick.
I sort of start to giggle, and then I sort of snort.
{it was a small dainty snort}
And then, all of a sudden all eyes are on me.

The problem with this is the looks on these peoples faces makes me laugh harder.
I am no longer even laughing about my email. I am laughing at the seriousness with which they are looking
AT ME. I am holding myself and giggling quietly.
I think they may fear I am unstable. I might be. But not because of this.
Actually I am not unstable. I am normal. Laughing at something funny. But the silence made it inappropriate. Their faces made it absurd. But dudes, it's not like we were at a funeral. SO get over it.
Suddenly I am transported to high school where I once got in SO MUCH trouble for laughing.
Even then, it was the look on her face that made it worse. My Teacher, looking at me with this crazy serious face. HOW IS THAT NOT FUNNY!?
And don't even get me started at the look on my friends face. Man, if we so much as even slightly caught a glimpse of each other we would loose it all over again. And I would keep praying to God that my teacher would JUST STOP LOOKING at me.
But she wouldn't and I could not stop laughing.
It's sort of the same look a person gets when they get hurt.
Oh, Gosh I am an awful person that I find that so funny.
So anyway, I finally stopped thinking about it and finally regained my composure.
I thought about their faces and felt silly the whole ride home.
Please, for the love of goodness tell me, I am not alone.
Laughter is a good thing.


  1. I think that's brilliant!
    Last week we stopped at a red light and the chick in the car next to us was singing the same song that we had on the radio. We caught her attention and we nodded and laughed and sang along with her. It was awesome and she thought it was great!
    I mean really...laughing at something funny is totally what's supposed to happen, right? She could have been a total snob about it, or embarrassed about it, but she wasn't. She was totally cool!
    Cool people rock. Funny people who don't take themselves too seriously totally rock.

  2. oh you are so so SOOOO not alone in this! i love it! i totally laugh at really awkward times (and i have a pretty loud and sometimes obnoxious laugh soo... yeah that just adds to the awkwardness of it all!) laughter is a good goooood thing and honestly, i'd be insane if i didn't laugh at something, usually myself, every once in a while! xoxo friend


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