Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I have no idea what I am doing

As a writer for RevolutionizeHER, I write things as they come to me and I feel them. But sometimes it's probably how "The Bachelor" feels. By the time the post "airs," I've sort of already worked through it. This morning when I saw my post go up over there, I had to laugh. It couldn't be more true. Some days I feel like I am a rock star mom. 

Intuition tells me exactly what to do. Other days, like today, I am just doing my best.
As the year began, I have had my oldest baby turn 13.
I have had my youngest turn five.I thought by now, somehow I would have it all figured out. This mom thing.I think pretty quick on my feet and I want with my entire being for the very best.I am honest. I am brutal. I am LOVING. I am wholeheartedly committed.
But I am going to be completely honest with you.
to read how I also have no idea what I am doing with my business read the rest here today ;)

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  1. Refreshing perspective. My only child is going on 14 months and sometimes I catch myself thinking that one day I'll "know what I'm doing" and our lives will be in perfect order. ha! I don't think that anyone really ever achieves that state :P {so way to be honest!}


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