Wednesday, March 7, 2012

11 QUESTIONS answered.

so, I was tagged a couple times last week for these 11 things about me and I was a slacker.
I got tagged again yesterday so, I am going to give it to you. You asked for it.
When is your birthday?   I along with my 3 babes, are winter babies. I was born January 26th on the Oregon coast.                                                                                                                                
What is your favorite color? ORANGE is my happiest color. 
Where do you go/what do you do when you are overwhelmed and need to clear your head? Don't laugh. I have a house full of people who seem like they need me at ALL times. The best place to go I can only tell you because they do not read this silly blog. I go into my bedroom closet, sit on the floor and just breathe. If it is crisp outside I will go outside and sit in the grass and breathe. I feel better and alive from the fresh air. But I have to be very sly about my escapes it if I want to be alone ;)
Who would you call if you needed help burying a body? [oh yeah I just asked who your shovel buddy is.] I think I would have to say my friend Missy. She is a Jersey girl. She is Irish. She told me she was my shovel buddy. so there.
What is your favorite movie and why do you like it so much?
can I have more than one favorite? like all time favorites? Say Anything. Pay it forward. They top my list....but I probably have a long list. I always say a movie that makes me cry is a terrible movie (but that's not really true)
If you had 15  minutes to go back in time and give the high school freshman version  of yourself a piece of advice - what would it be? everything will be fine. you don't have to be perfect. you just have to be you. and your high school sweetheart? Go for it. He will be an awesome dad and your very best friend. Oh and children? they are going to tear out your heart, chew it up, spit it out and then hug it and put it back together. It happens. Just know that you will never love anything more.
What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet or dresser? A good pair of jeans. Mine recently died (sob) But every girl should have a pair of jeans that they put on and instantly feel like "a woman" and have some sass in her step ;)
Your plans for the day have been canceled [don't worry you weren't looking forward to it]. What are you going to do with the 8 hours you have just freed up? this is sad. but today I would tell you I can not remember the last time I took a nap so I might do that.....but then I would feel like I wasted all this free time. So then I would say, if I really could do what ever I wanted I'd go to the nearest lake and hop on a jet ski. That would be awesome. Do you think I have enough time in 8 hours to pull it off ??
Of all the DIY projects and crafty goodness you've created what is your current favorite? my fabrics. oh and the little outfit I just made for the Bean. she looks so funky in it. I love that one.
You won a contest and were just given $1000...what do you do with it? really? I am too practical. YAWN. I would buy an orange dishwasher. So maybe that isn't totally practical. But I do need a new dishwasher and I think an orange one MIGHT make me like doing the dishes. And if I am paying that is the one I want.
You're super well connected fairy godmother is paying you a visit and asks if there is anyone you are eager to meet. She loves connecting people so you need to come up with someone, fast, so as not to offend her. Who do you ask to meet and why? I have always wanted to meet Madonna. always.
now the silly rules:
I know I was suppose to cut and paste them and tell you what to do, but I'm sort of a rule breaker.
Play along ONLY if you want! and leave me the link in the comments section so I can get to know you better now too!


  1. You know I really love reading everyone's answers to these posts. Thanks for playing along!

  2. I used to be a Madonna spazo. I had floor to ceiling posters and pictures. Literally...not one speck of wall paint could be seen in that room.
    And orange is my favourite color so that clinches it. You're officially on my cool list.


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