Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Write more love notes...every single day.

I know that some people think Valentines is just a big marketing ploy.
I know that some think it's a perfect romantic day.
I know that to an eleven year old girl it was something to look forward to.
I know to a thirteen year old boy, not so much.
I know my five year old is thinking it just might be a fun day.
I know that I am grateful for the loves in my life and see no reason not to have a day to focus a little more on that. I know I hope to have a sweet day.
But I also know that we go too many days or years not saying things we mean to, to the people we love.
I don't just mean romantically.
I mean that teacher who was so amazingly awesome, but you never even told her what a good job she was doing.
Maybe she needed to hear that.
I mean your friends that you never see or talk to because you are busy raising kids and are just not living close enough to go give a hug.
Maybe they think about you and hope you're still friends.
I mean the person who has boosted your spirits so many times from a comment or a quick note.
Maybe they don't know how much it means to you.
I mean the loved one you have lost touch with.
Maybe they wonder what they ever did wrong.
I mean the sweet neighbor boy who took the time to play with your toddler even though that might not be the coolest thing to do.
Maybe by you telling him how awesome that was, he'll stay sweet.
I even mean the mail man when he goes out of his way and turns around because he sees you have come home and he has a package for you.
Maybe if you say something nice he'll always want to go that extra mile.
I am not going to keep it to myself anymore.
Who cares if they say I'm sappy.
It doesn't have to be Valentines to make someone feel special.
Write more love notes.
Every single day.
But have a lovely Valentines today too ;)

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