Friday, February 10, 2012


I am sort of smitten with my newest item.
And, it seems quite a few of you are too!!

she's the sweetest little thing with a vintage retro flair.
I smile every time I see her.

This pretty little change purse is made from my ORIGINAL COTTON FABRIC-
{hand drawn by me} and closes with a metal frame clasp closure in an antique bronze finish which is sewn on by hand.
Lined in a tiny black and white polka dot cotton.

dainty in size but will hold a tube of chapstick and your spare change.
I have one in the shop which was the one I designed and made first. I plan on making more. 
They are priced at $22.
I am having a hard time getting the antique metal frames for the top of them, and in order to make a stack of them I will need to order a case.

SO here's what I was thinking:
I am holding a $15 PRE-ORDER sale TODAY ONLY.
***I need at least 8 pre-orders in order for this to work***

YOU SAVE $7 on your pretty coin purse and I buy my case of metal frames.
Soon as it arrives I will ship you your new coin purse!

So here's how it will work:
Leave a comment saying you'd like to pre-order a coin purse.
Leave me your email address.

Once I reach eight  pre-orders, I will set up a special listing on Etsy for you to purchase your pretty purse via paypal.
I will order my case of frames and we can all do a little happy dance!

SO who wants in?

go grab one here:


  1. Me me me!
    And what's so funny is that I have a tab open to etsy right now because I was just about to order it! Now I get to save $$, too?! Yay!

  2. Me! My brother called me this morning after seeing my comment about this on FB and said he's getting it for me...
    yay! that call put a HUGE smile on my face and made my morning!

  3. I want one, so count me in! <3 LOVE this and I hope you get 8 pre orders!!

  4. can i have two please? pretty preeeeeettttty please? for reals. i want two, one for my friend, and one for me. :)

  5. whoops! my email address is:


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