Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She's at it again. VALENTINES EDITION

Yes, I painted another shirt.
AND, I hope he likes it.
Yes, HE.
can you tell that I am COMPLETELY torturing the boy!? Asking for just one little picture?
SO, my son comes home from school yesterday and says:
"Mom, there is a skating night for school tomorrow night and I want to go, and, um, I need double the money."

ME. "ok. But why do you need double the money?"

HE: "I want to pay for this girl."

ME: UH, OH, "Um, ok."
and then the FB stalking began.... ;)

SO, then this morning we wake up and he says:
"Hey Mom? Can you go get me a Valentines day shirt today?"

What kind of valentines shirt?

"I don't know, we are suppose to wear something Valentines tonight."
"Can I make it? I can put a big heart on a shirt."
"Oh god. Can you make it look like you didn't?"
"then OK. Thanks mom."

After he left I thought of something a little less "mom made"

What do you think? Will the 13 year old boy approve?
like how I still put a heart on there, but sort of pretended I didn't? 

HEY! Did you see the new eReader jackets that have been hitting the shop lately? Today's was extra pretty.


  1. You are very sneaky!
    I'd be facebook stalking, too. These young girls liking handsome boys these days...harlots. All of them!

  2. So, do you ever leave an awesome comment and then don't fill out the word verification correctly like five times in a row and then somehow close the comment window without ever posting it to the blog?

    Yeah, that just happened.

    So, what I said was that I laughed out loud at the Facebook stalking comment and when N is allowed to date, when she's 30, I'll be doing the same thing. ;)

    Keep us posted on his thoughts about that t-shirt. ;)

  3. To update: He came home with a smile from it and said "that made me laugh. That's cool."
    SO score for mom.

  4. love the shirt, and knew immediately a 13 year old boy would love it (but pretend it was just okay)! You've got yourself a sweet boy there! And I love the shirt too!

  5. Oh I totally think he'll approve. It's got the right amount of cute valentines day feel, and just the right amount of "I'm too cool for this stuff" to it. Perfect for a teenage boy!

  6. Ahhh laughed so hard at the FB comment!
    Hope you think the girl is suitable ;)
    Loveee the shirt, too!


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