Monday, February 6, 2012

excuse me, do you have directions for where you are going?

Excuse me, but do you carry a map everywhere you go?
Wear it on your heart?
Follow a plan?
You can’t, can you?
Even if you have life planned out to the T….with all your to do lists…it’s not going to happen.
And actually, life has it’s best for you in the form of surprises.
I promise this.
I wrote over at RevolutionizeHER today. Keep reading over there!!

Speaking of surprises.  FIVE years ago today I had one of my biggest ones. My best ones.
SO I will be spending the day with my sweet baby girl.
But she won't admit it's her birthday and she doesn't even want to celebrate it!
She's a unique one. From the very start she has marched to the beat of her own drum.
Even though I can't always figure it out, it is one of the reasons she amazes me daily.

Have a lovely Monday!!

ps I am giving away one of my favorites over here today!! go try to nab one!! ;)

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