Friday, February 3, 2012

one of my favorites: Vietnamese iced coffee

You wouldn't have to be hanging with me long to know that I love coffee.
This means in many different forms.
I like to mix it up sometimes.
Lately I have been on one of these kicks.
{note: the "kick" usually only lasts until I run out of my can of sweetened condensed milk and then I will go months before I get the hankering for one of these drinks again. But they are a totally delicious jolt.}

This is easy. so you may already make these. But if you haven't yet, you should!

What you'll need:

*{Vietnamese-grown dark roast coffee}
I usually end up picking up this dark French Roast coffee which is easier to find and too close for me to tell the difference!
*{sweetened condensed milk}
a can will give you several servings!
*{a small metal French drip filter} or actually any sort of french press. Mine look like this:
AND 2 glasses.

okay so it's sort of by taste, so  you may end up liking more or less of the sweetened condensed milk per serving.
so start by putting your sweetened condensed milk at  the bottom of your  medium-tallish glass.
{I usually put in a very full tablespoon}

Next, fill  your press with coffee-
this style takes a tablespoon of coffee. 
screw the press into place.

place press on top of the glass with the sweetened condensed milk and slowly fill press to the top with boiling water.
place the lid on top of your press.
while you wait for your coffee to brew into the sweetened condensed milk,
grab your other cup and fill it with ice.
once all the coffee stops dripping, remove the press and set aside. 
 give your milk & coffee a stir and then pour over your ice.

stick  a straw in there to save yourself from an ice avalanche and enjoy your moment ;)

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